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About Us
Chairman's Welcome
In late autumn of 1999, some thirty spinal cord injuries(SCIs) gathered at the Sangnam Business Center in Yonsei University, and had a preparation meeting in order to create an organization that protects the rights of and speaks for SCIs. SCIs from all walks and levels of life including politics, economics, religion, athletics, and persons-of-national-merit groups, who led positive and active lives, and possessed the qualities as leaders and representatives of our society participated in this meeting. In fact, the discussion about the need for an organization in the form of an association that could share the issues and concerns of SCIs in Korea and find solutions had been raised much earlier. A movement existed already that had formed naturally as the modest, spontaneous gatherings of SCIs all across the country gradually increased in number.

In the bosom of relationship-oriented meetings ranging from minor, nameless gatherings to diverse groups, where members shared their experiences of living with SCI and supported each other, the awareness had blossomed that we needed to inform the society and government of our existence and to actively find and improve our unequivocal rights. Despite encountering countless difficulties, we finally launched the Korea Spinal Cord Injury Association on April 7, 2004, and two years later on April 11, 2006, received corporate authentication from the Ministry of Health and Welfare to be reborn as an organization that, true to its name, stands to protect the rights and interests of SCIs in our country.

Many tasks still lie before us, but for well over a decade, despite the difficult circumstances, we have dedicated our utmost efforts to fulfill our mission for the welfare of SCIs and the improvement of their rights, thus developing our association to what it is today. And the effort and determination of our SCI members have been clearly projected within that process. To the association’s municipal and provincial presidents and members across the country who have run this journey with one heart with us thus far, and to everyone from all walks and levels of life who, in their love for SCIs, did not spare their support and encouragement, I would like to hereby express my deepest gratitude.

Korea Spinal Cord Association will continue its utmost endeavors to allow SCIs to become members of our society with equal opportunity and rights by protecting and defending their rights. We will thus press on in our race to achieve social welfare in which people with SCI will be able to satisfactorily demonstrate their capabilities in society and conduct dynamic lives.

Chairman of Korea Spinal Cord Injury Association,
jin owan jung
About Korea Spinal Cord Injury Association
Foundation 2004. 4. 7.

Mission   To support and promote the equal rights and opportunities of SCI individuals in the mainstream society by advocating their rights
Vision   To be an organization that improves quality of life of SCI individuals

4 Goals and 8 Tasks
  • 1. Preparation for the next decade

    1. Stronger solidarity
    • Other organizations
    • Conferences
    • International Cooperation
    2. More active Marketing
    • Specialized programs
    • Effective marketing (Networking, Media)
  • 2. Stronger Policy Suggestion

    3. Stronger support for “Back to the community”
    • Train more coaches
    • Incubating program
    4. Policy making
    • Classification
    • Spinal Cord Injury Centre; Diversification
    • Including catheter costs in insurance
    • Female, child & severely disabled SCI individuals
  • 3. Employment

    5. Fostering Employment
    • Promote “Tax paying” SCI individuals
    6. Profit-making business
    • Expansion
    • Diversification: fundraising, sponsorship, fee
  • 4. Stronger Organization

    7. Structural improvement
    • Abiding by rules
    • Education
    • Transparency
    8. Expansion
    • Recruitment of more members
    • Awareness Education Center
    • Bigger budget in Rehabilitation Support Center
The Present Condition of Korea Spinal Cord Injury Association
Orgenization Chart of the Head Office
Orgenization Chart of the Head Office
The Present Condition of the Nationwide Associational Branches(Centers)
the Nationwide Associational Branches